overall reflection culminating

I believe i have many strengths as a writer although i also have many areas for improvement such as writing in detail. A strategy i found very useful was the point proof explanation model. I found it helped me get the most marks.

As a reader i can have many strengths and weaknesses. Some of my strengths include, reading quickly, understanding topics, creating discussion. Some of my weaknesses include, comprehending text, remembering all the information, etc. I believe reading more and focusing on the text will help me improve these weaknesses.

I know I am not the best in media activity, i tend not to use a lot of media in my posts because i dislike creating a reference for it, i am terrible at writing captions, and overall i am not good at finding relatable media sources. To improve this i could start attempting to include media texts in my work not only in english but in other classes as well. I could also practice writing captions and get some constructive criticism from other teachers.

I am not very good at listening to criticism or instruction. This is because i am unwilling to change my work and i tend to zone out a lot. To improve this i should be more open to criticism and i should sleep longer that way i can focus in school. I believe i am good at creating discussion and communicating with people. I realized this in my literacy circle.

I have many strengths which is why i think ill do well in grade eleven although i have many areas to work on which is why i plan on practicing my media based writing this summer.

BOTW reflection culminating

  1. Is there some aspect of the topic, results, conclusions, or concepts for which you gained a deeper understanding of through the blog discussion? Was there some aspect of the posts you explored that you had not thought of or that you ‘learned’ about from the discussion? In other words, what aspect of the post was clarified or illuminated as a result of the blog discussion?

After i posted my blog I was interested to what people said, and how they said they would react.

  1. Were there aspects of the discussions that led to more confusion for you compared to when you read the blog post alone? Was the confusion resolved through discussion? Please explain (make specific reference to the blogs involved ­ direct quotations may be appropriate ­ reference the author).

When the author wouldn’t reply back to the commenter i would be left confused. Also there were times where the author wouldn’t answer every one of a student’s questions.


  1. Evaluate your role in the Blogger of the Week discussions, in particular please answer the following two questions: What did you do that was effective at contributing to the discussion(s)? Be specific (adding screenshots of your contributing or copying to your blog may be appropriate). What areas do you need improvement in?

The blogger of the week post helped students convey questions.It also helped me ask students even more questions which really helped with comments and discussions.

  1. Can you think of a contribution from another student that stood out in your mind that helped move the discussion along or help the class to move to a deeper understanding of the material? What did the student do? (no need to mention names, just describe what the students did or said).

I thought it was good when one of the students in my class replied to another student in the discussion below my post. I felt appreciative that this student was willing to simplify and explain what i had just said to the other student.

  1. Do you have any recommendations to the class as a whole to improve class discussions? How are discussions different in an online space versus those held face­to­face? How are they similar?

I think the class should be commenting more to other blogs. I understand that they do not have the tone of voice or facial expressions to give context to what they’re saying which is why a lot of the times students avoid commenting. I also believe that not many people don’t enjoy reading what others have to say therefore they do not want to engage in a discussion.

  1. What are your overall thoughts of the Blogger of the Week assignment? Do you have any suggestions for me moving forward to either: a) improve the assignment; or b) revise the structure, delivery, or scheduling of the assignment itself? Be specific as your opinions will be very helpful for me as I plan for future classes.

I enjoyed the blogger of the week assignment, I thought it was very well thought out. I really enjoyed being able to choose my own topic. I felt it allowed me to gain confidence in showing my work to others in my class.

governance in canada

Forms of Government In Canada

Canada claims itself to be a federal monarchy where the federation of states such as Canada, Australia, etc. have one overall head (Queen Elizabeth) yet still maintain their separate systems of government1. In Canada that system of government. The Canadian system of government maintains a democratic structure where Canadians vote for their favoured leader.

In Canada citizens choose the party which is most favoured to them, this is called an electoral process. Canadians vote for a preferred member of parliament who represents their area. The leader of the party with the most seats becomes the prime minister of Canada2.

Levels of Government in Canada

There are three levels of government in Canada, federal ( whole country) ,provincial (provinces) ,municipal (local cities in each province).

The Federal level of government in Canada is controlled by the prime minister who is currently Stephen Harper3. The federal level of government contains organization which create priorities and policies and ensure their implementation. In an electoral process the citizens of Canada vote for a specific MP(member of parliament) and the party with the  most votes wins4. The leader of that party becomes prime minister. The federal elections occur every four years.

The Provincial level of government controls the fundamental social services in the country such as healthcare, education, etc5. The governor general David Johnston, controls this level of government. The governor general is appointed by the prime minister of Canada (Stephen Harper) every five years6.

The Municipal level of government provides local services which is based in city’s and towns. They are in charge of community water systems, libraries, parks, roadways, local police stations, etc. They receive authority’s for these areas from the provincial government7.

Forms of Government in Syria

The Syrian Arab Republic claims itself to be a democratic country8, although, it is obvious to outsiders that the regimes and laws passed down by the Syrian government resembles a dictatorial process in which the government has much authority and the citizens have little freedom.

The process in which power is passed down in Syria is an electoral process9. However, it has been claimed that during an election soldiers are ordered to stand behind the voter with a weapon. If the voter elects an oppositional leader, or chooses a  against the currently favored party the voter will be taken out of the building and/or arrested.

Levels of Government in Syria

Levels of Government Who’s in charge How they Get this Power What are they in Charge of
Federal Level of Government President A forced election is completed every seven years10causing the current president to be in charge until his death where a new president is elected. The current president in charge is Bashar Al Assad11. The president maintains the executive branch in which he yields a high level of power over a wide range of functions includingforeign affairs, executive orders, etc.12 The president also has the power to appoint and dismiss military officers and any members of the Council of Ministers13.



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Final culminating assignment

Reflecting From The Government’s Perspective

Section 1: National Goal of the Government

As the head of government my number one goal is to provide a sufficient amount of safety, security to all citizens/ visitors in my country and to maintain a peaceful government. Also, to address any global , economic, societal, etc.  concerns there might be, and to do the best we can to resolve these issues. I would like the citizens of my country to live in a well practiced respectful community where they have many rights and freedoms. If I succeed in my goal I believe the economy will go up to do the visitors and immigrants who would like to live in my country. I believe I will have high immigration rates due to this being a favored system.

Section 2: Beliefs and Values

In my country I would like my citizens to believe in peace and equality and to value respect. The reason for this is because I believe these are the most important attributes in a country, when a country succeeds in these attributes it causes higher immigration rates. Most people want a better life for their children and I will do my best to grant their wishes. In my country I would place a law stating all citizens must treat everyone and everything around them with respect and consideration. If the citizens disobey this law to a great extent they will be punished. The punishment will be decided by the court based on the extent of their violence. I will make sure the government encourages these behaviors by advertising these behaviors in the media and creating local organizations in order to feed these attributes. Three holidays I would like to celebrate in my country are, world peace day, earth day, remembrance day. I believe these holidays all have the same concept of treating things with respect and being peaceful.

Stage 3: Structure and Function of Government

I would like my government to be a democracy where every couple years a new election would occur. I believe the best structure of government would be to have different levels such as federal, provincial, and municipal that way different minorities and majorities voices can be heard. It is also important for me to have different branches of government that way different issues can be heard. I would have a judicial, executive, and legislative branch. Laws would be passed down by the judicial branch of government where there would be a ruling and the citizens of my country would vote whether they want this to be a law. I believe this is the best structure of government for my society because it is very equal and covers all the fundamental needs in the country such as healthcare, education, and agriculture.


Stage 4: Political Parties and Issues

The main political parties that would be in my country would be the green party, the liberal party, conservatives, NDP etc. Any citizen in my country above the age of 18 would have the right to create a party of their choice if they feel the need to do so. The liberal party would be the current ruling party because they are more for the people rather than the corporations. They stand for equality and making things better for those who are less fortunate. I believe a liberal party would best benefit my country because if there happens to be a recession the liberals would have already saved money when the country was doing well and would be able to provide for those who are in need. They also help lessen the gap between rich and poor by making the rich pay higher taxes evening out the economy. During the last election while there was a recession in the economy and the conservatives were the leading party. The conservatives had already spent their money while the economy was doing well therefore they did not have enough to provide for those who are need which is why during the next election the liberals won. They save up while the economy is doing well that way they don’t have to struggle during a recession.

Stage 5: Rights and Freedoms

The citizens of my country have many rights and freedoms. Some of which include, the right to vote, the right to expression, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc. All of the rights and freedoms that are granted in my country are based off of the concept of peace and liberty.  It is important to have these rights and freedoms in order to keep a peaceful country and a wanted country. All of the rights and freedoms in my country are encouraged by the media and enforced by politicians. Citizens should constantly be notified of their rights if they are being persecuted. There will be a long process in order to get rid of a freedom/ right in my country where all citizens will have to vote whether they want it or not. My governments attitude on rights/ freedoms will impact are citizens behaviors and immigration rates. I believe most people want to live in a country of peace and liberty which is why my country will have a large population, high immigration rates, and a low crime rate.

Stage 6: Values and Beliefs from the Perspective of a Citizens

A common issue would be that the wealthy community of my country would feel reprimanded paying higher taxes due to their wealth. Also, some citizens of my country will want the liberal party to spend while the economy is doing well that way their corporations can do better. In order to deal with this controversy we will consistently have elections that way people can vote for their preferred party and we will ask and speak to the citizens of our country finding ways to compromise.



Why Education Is Important? culminating english


Knowledge is Power

This is a common saying I’ve heard many times in the movies, random conversation, advertisements, and so on. When people say this they mean the more information and knowledge we know the more power we have to succeed, maybe in an argument or maybe in a career pathway you would like to proceed in.

I believe this is one of the main reasons education is so important to our society and youth. Society’s foundation is mainly built on education as it is critical to our economic wealth, social prosperity and political stability. If we stop giving education to our youth then society will stop progressing. Education is exactly the type of material an individual needs in order to question things further allowing society to develop.

Education and Health

Education greatly benefits our health as a society. It increases our mental health and stability. We are constantly exercising our mind by learning new techniques to do tasks in school.

  1. 2x+2=22

instead of using the guess and check message as we would do in grade two we are taught a new technique called algebra. In school we are consistently practicing new  techniques and doing work, which in turn increases our mental endurance. Furthermore, education also increases your mental stability by allowing students to develop new study habits and learning skills. It gives students a sense of routine along with a consistent schedule teaching. Not only does it increases your mental stability by constantly exercising your mind, it also allows us to receive health care. Without education we would not have such an advanced team of health care professionals. We are properly equipped in case of a illness, in the 1500’s the world didn’t have nearly as much knowledge in medicine as we do now which is why the population was so low and the death rates were so high. Education has given us the prerequisites in order to find further research in medicine. Further research includes the discovery of  nano injectors which allows us to better understand different types of cells. Similarly, education has given us immunity to many viruses and diseases such as poliomyelitis, a extremely contagious viral infection which can lead to breathing problems, paralysis, or even death. Hence education benefiting our health and taking care of our society.

Benefiting our Social Skills

Education also allows students to practice their social skills. Education gives individuals the opportunity to become an active participant in their community. It is more likely you will have something to say about a topic if you know more information about the topic. Education also allows students to follow along with events and occurrences that might be happening.  Education can also increase the confidence of an individual. Your degree in education is considered proof of your knowledge by many members in society. If you are educated it is more likely you will be heard and taken seriously when you speak than an illiterate individual might be. Generally, it would be much harder to express your views and opinions on a topic you weren’t educated on. Education gives you the ability to speak about your views and opinions confidently. Also, education allows students to experience a place of diversity where not everyone might be the same race. Education allows students to practice their communication skills by giving them the opportunity to participate in class discussions. Education allows you to be self dependent, teaching you responsibility. Moreover, it allows you to get a job and become financially independent. It also allows you  to gain knowledge which is critical for making your own decisions. Education is an extremely important part in developing and increasing your social skills.

Opening Opportunities

In addition, another reason why education is extremely important is because education will allow you to find a good job that will keep you financially stable. There are very few Jobs available that don’t require an education. It is important to have an education because it proves that you have a good mental stability and high mental endurance. The fact that you got an education proves that you have experience in communicating with people. It also proves you have good management skills and getting things done on time. It proves that you are disciplined and well organized as this is a critical part of going to school. For an example in school they do not tolerate bad behavior and whoever engages in bad behavior will be disciplined. The fact that you have a degree in a specific field means you have advanced knowledge and information on how to conduct and deal with specific tasks. Education teaches you problem solving skills which is a requirement in many jobs such as, engineering, social working, nursing, etc. Education is important in order to get a well paying job which will give you a greater sense of financial security and stability.

To Sum Up

In conclusion, education is an extremely important part to everyone’s future, and to society in general. Education takes care of our health. Without education we wouldn’t have the information on health care we have today. Also education is important in developing social skills. It gives us enough information and skills to become an active participant in our community. Lastly education is important in order to find a good paying job that will keep you financially stable. There aren’t many well paying jobs that don’t require an education. Therefore education is extremely important in society and it is important our youth continues to receive education.

Governance in Canada By: Ghofran Al-Adimi

Governance in Canada

Ghofran Al-Adimi


Form of government:

  1. Some people get confused if Canada is a constitutional monarchy government or parliamentary democracy government, but it’s actually both. It’s a Constitutional Monarchy, where the Queen is head of state, has a lot of powers, but doesn’t use them often. And it’s a parliamentary democracy where citizens elect representatives to a legislative parliament to make the necessary laws and decisions for the country.
  1. After an election is over, all the designated candidates are called Members of Parliament (aka MPs). The MPs candidates who belong to parties and did not get elected to be members of parliament are called opposition members of parliament. The Official Opposition is usually the party with the second-highest number of elected members after the winning party. The leader of this party is called the Leader of the Official Opposition. And when it is time for Parliament to sit, all Parliamentarians will discuss and debate new bills , and make decisions that affect every Canadian.


Levels of government:


1+2) Government in Canada is organized into three levels: federal, provincial, and municipal.


  • Federal level is the system of government in which several states form a unity but remain independent in internal affairs.
  • Provincial level is responsible for issues that affect the province as a whole such as education, health care, highways, etc.
  •  Municipal level is responsible for issues concerning their community such as libraries, parks, and community water systems, local.


MPs:  Stella Ambler, party: Conservative.

Tyrone Benskin, party: New Democratic Party(NPD).

Eve Adams, party: Liberal.

Scott Andrews, party: independent….. and a lot more.

Prime Minister: Stephen Harper.

Opposition leaders: Stephen Harper, leader of conservative party.

Thomas Mulcair, leader of NPD party.

Justin Trudeau, leader of Liberal party….. and a lot more.


3) How did they get their job

  • As a conservative candidate, and with a minority government, Stephen Harper was sworn in as Canada’s 22nd prime minister in February 2006 when his party won the federal elections.
  • Opposition leaders are elected by their parties members.
  • MPs are elected by the citizens of the government.


For how long:

  • Canada has a parliamentary system, meaning that the Prime Minister is a member of parliament. The PM is elected by parliament. This means that the Political Party which has a majority elects their leader as PM. As long as that party maintains a majority, and as long as they like the PM, he can remain in power.
  • There are normally 308 members of parliament in the Canadian House of Commons. They are elected in a general election, which is usually called every four or five years.
  • Opposition leader keep their job for 2 years, which means that new opposition leaders are elected every 2 years.




The most government I like of Canada is the Parliament Democracy Government, because through this government the citizens get the opportunity to elect representatives to the legislative parliament.


Governance in Yemen (in the Middle East)

Form of government:

  1. Yemen is a republic country, republic is type of government where the citizens have the supreme power and they exercise that power by voting and electing representatives to make decisions and govern.


  1. For the electoral process:

Citizens of the country vote to elect members to join the parliament government from several parties, the dominant party members and with participation from the other parties will form a government; this government will consists of ministers of different parties who reflect their representation in the parliament government.


How power is passed along:

Unfortunately, powers in Yemen are currently passed along by violence, revolutions, and protests, due to frauds and corruptions in the country.


Levels of government:

1+2) Government in Yemen is organized into two levels: provincial, and local.

  • Provincial level is responsible for issues that affect the province as a whole such as education, health care, highways, etc.
  •  Local level is responsible for issues concerning their community such as libraries, parks, and community water systems, local.

MPs: Najib Saeed Jhanem, Yahia Al-Raei, Zayed AL-Shamie, Saleh Al-Sanabanie, Hameed Al-Ahmar, Sadiq Al-Ahmar………and a lot more.

President: Abd Rabo Mansour Hadi

Oppositions Leaders: Mohammed Al-Yadomi, leader of Eslah party.

Yasien Saeed Noaman, leader of communism party.

Abd ALaziz AL-Makhlafi, leader of Alnasrie party.

Prime Minister: Mohammed Bassondawah

Mayor: Abd alkhader helal……… and a lot more

3) In Yemen there are three types of elections which are:

  • Presidential elections, through these elections a president are designated.
  •  Parliament elections, through these elections ministers are designated.
  • Municipal elections, through these elections mayors, members of parliament

are designated.

  • But the opposition leaders are designated by their parties members.


  • All the key figures keep their job for four years.



I like how Yemen is a republic country, because through this government citizen always have the opportunity to elect who take over a power in any level of the government.



“Length of Terms of Former Prime Ministers” Canada into

“Members of Parliament” PARLIAMENT of CANADA

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“Stephen Harper” Conservative









How To Make Scrambled Eggs culminating english

What you need…

  1. 2 eggs
  2. olive oil
  3. tablespoon of cream


  1. First, poor the olive oil in the pan and place on stove top
  2. As the oil is heating crack both eggs into a bowl and mix until bubbles begin to form
  3. Next, add the cream, slowly mix in the cream until the eggs look one colour and bubbles have formed
  4. Subsequently, poor the bowl of eggs and cream into the hot pan
  5. Lastly, mix eggs around the pan until they look cooked and dry
  6. Finally, place eggs in bowl and eat.

How To Cut a Mango

A man in India teaches us all a cool new way of cutting mangos. He first, cuts the skin off the bottom of the mango, he then proceeds to place a stick in the bottom of the mango. Afterwards, he peels off all the skin of the mango while still on the stick. Subsequently, he slowly turns the stick of the mango and cuts downwards while slowing cutting higher on the mango. Finally, the mango is cut and finished with the appearance of a flower.

50 Things I Would Say Yes To

  1. Ice Cream
  2. The Beach
  3. Bahamas
  4. Greece
  5. Italy
  6. Spain
  7. Cuba
  8. Russia
  9. French Fries
  10. Burgers
  11. Cake
  12. Macarons
  13. Lord Nelsons
  14. Kelseys
  15. Sushi
  16. Harvard
  17. Yale
  18. Browns University
  19. Meeting a celebrity
  20. Marshmallows
  21. Mall
  22. Costco
  23. Sketchbook
  24. Sketching pencils
  25. Clay
  26. Paint
  27. Telescope
  28. Season 1 Friends
  29. Breaking Bad
  30. Grey’s Anatomy
  31. The Walking Dead
  32. Pretty Little Liars
  33. Theatre
  34. The Fault in Our Stars
  35. A Party
  36. New Phone
  37. New TV
  38. New Computer
  39. King sized Bed
  40. The colour blue
  41. Clean room
  42. Hair Curler
  43. Hair Straightener
  44. Moroccan  oil
  45. Coconut oil
  46. Argan oil
  47. New clothes
  48. Carnival
  49. Festival
  50. Piano Lessons